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Due Dates

One thing I am really bad at is due dates. I always seem to do things at the last minute, so yes I am a procrastinator. It usually has to do with a homework assignment because if I am told to do something by an older relative or something I’ll do it right away. But if a teacher wants me to do a project then that waits until the last minute.

The good thing about this school year is that my projects aren’t always something big and elaborate you need a poster to do it. It’s something you can do on a computer. Which means I can start it home and finish it in my computer class which my teacher (Skocko) is really nice about letting me do. If the class I need it for is before I’m with Skocko, I go in the morning. If it’s after I’ll do it during class.

Nevertheless I have to start paying attention to due dates because some of them pop out of nowhere and I’m stuck with a “ok” rather then an “good” grade.

I always try to remember that “Due dates are closer than they appear”.